Blood pressure : Three cups of Hibiscus tea are enough to improve high blood pressure

The more sophisticated the drugs become, the more medicine needs to return to its roots. In this case, hibiscus flowers, with a study on the benefits of hibiscus in high blood pressure.

This flower is of great interest to medicine because it contains substances with various properties, especially antioxidants such as anthocyanins but also flavones, flavonols and phenolic acids.

According to a recent US study, hibiscus infusion is an effective way to reduce blood pressure.

Three cups of 25cL of hibiscus infusion (Hibiscus sabdariffa) a day, lower blood pressure, according to the results of a study published in the Journal of Nutrition.

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Avoid cardiovascular events

A reduction, even minimal, in blood pressure, is very effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular events. So, in case of high blood pressure, in addition to regular monitoring, a low-salt diet and possible medical treatment, one can try to act with certain natural substances.

Hibiscus is one of the plants to be tested. A first study conducted in Iran has shown a significant drop in blood pressure after fifteen days of consumption of Hibiscus tea.

The study of the Boston’s Tufts University :

A team of nutritionists from Boston’s Tufts University decided to look into the virtues of hibiscus-based herbal teas to see if it was possible to lower the blood pressure of people with moderate hypertension or condition qualified as pre-hypertension.

They studied the effect of this herbal tea on 65 healthy men and women, aged 30 to 70 years, whose systolic blood pressure (the top number) was between 120 and 150 and with a diastolic less than or equal to 95. They should not take antihypertensive drugs.

One group drank a cup of 20 centilitres of hibiscus tea three times a day for six weeks, the other group drank a placebo.

After six weeks, the systolic pressure of the hibiscus infusion drinkers had decreased by 7.2 mmHg and their diastolic pressure by 3.1 mmHg. By way of comparison, volunteers in the placebo group saw their blood pressure drop by only 1.3 and 0.5 mmHg, respectively.

“This treatment can be used to slow the progression of hypertension to a more severe form, reducing the potential risk of developing cardiovascular disease,” concludes Dr. Diane McKay, lead author of the study.

This study shows that three cups of herbal tea with hibiscus can improve moderate hypertension and pre-hypertensive conditions.

In 2002, a JAMA report showed that with the benefits of hibiscus, the relative risk of stroke death was reduced by 8%, coronary heart disease mortality by 5% and overall mortality by 4%.

A beautiful proof of effectiveness for naturopathy!

Multiple assets

Not only does hibiscus regulate blood pressure, but it has an anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-asthenic action. Several clinical studies have confirmed the reputation of the hibiscus to fight against fatigue, ENT or respiratory problems. Hibiscus tea is also an excellent diuretic. On the other hand, externally used compresses soaked with hibiscus infusion reduce edema, oozing eczema and dermatitis, but are rarely used this way.

Side effects of hibiscus tea

Insofar as the infusion of the hibiscus makes it possible to reduce the arterial pressure, it goes without saying that the people having a low pressure, must avoid drinking it.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult their Doctor before consuming.


Reference of the study:

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JAMA study

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