Damask Rose Hydrosol 100% pure


The Damask Rose Hydrosol is a 100% natural toner suitable to all skin types but particularly beneficial for normal/dry/mature skin.

Damask Rose Hydrosol has an antioxidant power equivalent to Vitamin C. It helps strengthen the skin’s barrier function while nourishing the cells.

Rich in anti-ageing goodness, Rose Hydrosol helps to boosts the repair of damaged cells and stimulate the growth of keratinocytes: cells which participate in the renewal of the epidermis. This promotes a youthful complexion. 

Our Damask Rose Hydrosol is 100% authentic: it is made using the traditional method of steam distillation (not simply water with essential oil). It is pure, natural, and absolutely free from additives.

Applying Rose Hydrosol to the skin is the ultimate part of any beauty regime – one that has been practised since ancient times. This precious fragrant mist is like a micro-massage to your skin cells.

The special blue spray bottle protects the therapeutic contents from light.

Recommended for normal/dry skin. Naturally anti-ageing.

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This 100% natural Rose Hydrosol toner is obtained by steam distillation of fresh Rosa Damascena petals. The result is a floral water rich in active ingredients and naturally effective. Nearly 2,000 fresh rose petals are needed to obtain a single bottle of rose hydrosol.

The special blue spray bottle protects the therapeutic contents from light.

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100% NATURAL – Made in NZ 

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