Brown Sugar Nourishing Body Scrub

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  Feel the difference after the first use!

With a divine fragrance of natural orange and bourbon vanilla created by a French perfumer, this invigorating body scrub will rid your skin of dead cells and you with silky-smoothness! Your skin will also be nourished by a cocktail of precious oils.

Argan + Rosehip + Coconut + Apricot + Sweet almond + Grape seed

Sugar is a natural exfoliant and humectant, which makes it perfect for the skin. It deeply cleanses while preserving hydration. When massaged onto the body, sugar provides an incredible micro-massage of the skin and its underlying tissues. A 100% natural health and beauty treatment!

Exfoliating your skin regularly keeps it smooth and supple, and better able to renew itself. This treatment also helps to minimise blemishes and facilitate the healing of many skin problems.

Hello Goddess Skin!

370g net

99,2% of ingredients are natural / Cruelty Free (always !)

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