Chamomile Hydrosol 100% pure


In German and Nordic mythology, Chamomile is one of the nine sacred plants that the sky god Odin gave to men.

Chamomile hydrosol is perfect for the care of sensitive or irritated skin, whether it is redness, allergic reactions or ailments such as rosacea, acne, urticaria …  Simply use it as a spray on clean skin. You can also make a face mask by mixing it with pink or white clay.

It also has the ability to naturally give light to blond hair …

Our chamomile hydrosol is safe for your baby, do not hesitate to pour two or three tablespoons of chamomile hydrosol in his bath water. In addition to relaxing him, his skin will be even softer!

Chamomile floral water is also renowned for soothing tense people.

The special blue spray bottle protects the therapeutic contents from light.

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100% NATURAL – Made in NZ 

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