Damask Rose Hydrosol Mist • 100% natural toner for normal/dry/mature skin


Our Damask Rose Hydrosol Mist is a toner that not only helps bring radiance and youthfulness to the complexion but also perfects the cleansing of the skin. Its exceptional natural purity and rich compounds set it apart : packed with antioxidants equivalent to Vitamin C, it fortifies the skin’s barrier, nourishes cells, and supports anti-aging by promoting cell repair and stimulating keratinocyte growth for a youthful complexion.

Our authentic Damask Rose Hydrosol is produced through traditional steam distillation, ensuring purity without additives. Incorporate this timeless beauty ritual, backed by centuries of practice, to perfect the cleansing of your skin before applying your creams and serums.

Did you know that nearly 2000 fresh petals are needed to make a single bottle? 

Encased in a special blue spray bottle, this therapeutic mist is shielded from light.

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  200ml in a glass bottle

100% NATURAL – Made in NZ 

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