DETOX Aromatic Bath salts


The perfect way to eliminate toxins through your pores! You’ll step out of the bath feeling relaxed and hydrated. Your skin will feel soft, nourished, and remineralized.  

Ever feel like your skin is clogged with toxins? It often happens during hot weather, or after exercise, or while you’re taking the Detox Tea Cure. It’s a sign that your body is flushing out toxins through its pores. And it’s a good thing!

This is a great time to give your skin a helping hand by taking hot detox baths.

These best ingredients for clearing toxins from your skin are Himalayan salts, Dead Sea salts, and Epsom Salts, richly infused with purifying essential oils and jojoba.

The result? Purified pores, soft skin, a relaxed body and mind.

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 400g net

100% NATURAL – Made in NZ 

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