Organic Marula Oil – Miracle Face Oil


Our Marula oil comes from Africa and is of the highest quality: pure, virgin, cold pressed, without any chemical treatment.

Marula Oil is perfect for sensitive skin.

It protects the skin from dehydration and allows the epidermis to retain the water it naturally contains. Very rich in omega 6 and 9, it softens the skin, fights against skin aging and allows the skin to maintain its elasticity thanks to the amount of antioxidants it contains. It is also rich in vitamins E and oleic acid which have protective and healing properties. Marula oil is easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy film.

Whether you have young, mature, dry, oily, or even problematic skin, Marula Oil will know how to soothe it.

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  30ml – will last months thanks to its dropper


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