Warming Tea – a potion for cold days


Warming Tea is a unique blend of plants chosen to prevent or cure your colds during New Zealand colds days. The essential thyme, which helps to alleviate coughing and other symptoms of acute bronchitis, comes with eucalyptus and plantain, decongestant and anti-inflammatory, lemon balm, gently antiviral and sedative, and ginger, which purifies and soothes the throat.

Drink it occasionally after an outing in the cold, daily during a cold, or simply to comfort you during the winter season.

Boost its decongestant and antiseptic effect with a delicious spoonful of honey!

  1 pack = 50g = 30 large cups 

 To prepare your tea, you will need a tea strainer or our biodegradable empty tea bags

100% NATURAL – Made in NZ 

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