White Tea – Bai Mu Dan – Organic


White tea is an unprocessed type of tea, only dried so the leaves come back to life with water. 

Bai Mu Dan, literally “White Peony”, is a famous Chinese white tea. Elegant and delicate, it was the traditional drink of the Chinese emperors. It is hand-picked, with extreme care, only in spring in Fudjian province in China.

Like other white teas, Bai Mu Dan is a tea rich in antioxidant polyphenols and has a scientifically proven fat-burning action.

Like all white teas, it is very smooth and round on the palate.

  1 pack =  20g = 30 cups 

 To prepare your tea, you will need a tea strainer or our biodegradable empty tea bags

100% ORGANIC – Made in NZ 


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