Hygienic practices

At The Potion Tree, we believe that it is our responsibility to inform and reassure you about the hygiene measures taken in our company.

Since its inception in 2017, The Potion Tree has applied and practiced very high hygienic standards.

Also, we would like to share with you the following information :



  • We have the same exemplary hygienic standards for the preparation of our tea blends and our cosmetics, close to medical grade standards.
  • We wear disposable masks and crimp hats, as well as a disposable lab coats.
  • Premium herbs and teas must be blended by hand to preserve their quality. We wear gloves, of course.
  • All our utensils, in addition to being washed with a non-toxic product and rinsed with clear water, are disinfected before each use with medical alcohol.
  • Our manufacture surfaces are disinfected with medical alcohol several times, before, during and after each operation.
  • Our hands are washed with a foaming disinfectant gel, and wiped with disposable towels.

We have always taken hygiene very seriously.

Thank you for your trust !

The Potion Tree team