What is a detox ?

Detox is the short work for “detoxification”. In naturopathy and cosmetic, it implies a purification of toxins and waste, by supporting our detoxification organs, and which does not always work well because of our lifestyle.

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What are the ingredients ?

Our detox teas are 100% natural and made with organic herbs and teas. You can find the complete list of ingredients and their benefits  on this page 

Each ingredient benefited from scientific researches.

Do they contain senna?

Absolutely not. Senna can be dangerous, and is a powerful laxative. It is used in many “detox teas” around the world, to make you believe you are cleansing.

Several brands of diet and “detox” tea have been withdrawn from sale after Consumer NZ found they contained senna.

Senna can lead to liver damage if taken for too long.

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How does it taste ?

Difficult to describe ! The essential is that the taste of our teas is natural and herbal, there is no artificial aroma. The taste is not strong or strange. It is not fruity. Most of our customers really love the taste.

Is it safe ?

Unlike some detox drinks, our teas are gentle : we do not put laxative plants in our blends (many people have been sick after several days drinking detox drinks with senna).

If you have a special health condition, please, take advice from your GP and show her/him our ingredients.

I am pregnant, is it safe to drink your Detox teas ?

Our Detox Morning tea contains Yerba which is as much caffeinated than coffee. During pregnancy, you can drink our Detox Morning (as well as coffee) but not more than 2 cups per day (500ml in total), in accordance with the recommendations of NZ Food Safety Authority and the ACOG.

Our Detox Evening tea is not recommended for pregnant women.

Is the Detox tea cure a diet?

Our Detox tea cure is not a diet ! Drinking tea is not a diet. Our Detox teas support your liver, kidneys and skin in their job. You have to eat regular and balanced meals.

How to use my detox teas ?

You’ll find everything you need on this dedicated page : How to use the Detox Teas?

The DETOX Morning tea is a bit dusty, why ?

Don’t worry, it is unpleasant, but natural. This depends on Yerba Mate harvest. We recommend using our biodegradable empty tea bags to avoid any inconvenience due to the presence of herbal powder.

I’ve seen detox programs with 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the evening !

No drink can offer an efficient Detox with 2 cups a day. It’s a marketing argument.

We suggest you to be reasonable and healthy. We write articles and tips on our blog, to optimize the results. Have a look!

Can I have a detox effect only with Detox Evening ?

Yes ! Some of our customers don’t want caffeine (theine) contained in the green tea and Yerba Mate of Detox Morning. If this is your case, we suggest you Detox Evening Purity tea. It is theine free, and you can drink it all day long.

Can I drink it cold ?

Our two teas are delicious cold! Their effect is not mitigated by the cold, however, it is best that the first cup of morning, in an empty stomach, be hot. Indeed, drinking hot water on an empty stomach daily benefits the digestive system and stimulates the elimination of toxins that affect the immune system.

After this first cup, you can continue drinking cold or iced teas all day long.

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Can I drink your Detox teas during my periods ?

No problem. It will warm your belly and relaxes your muscles.

Can I drink it while breastfeeding ?

Women, after giving birth, experience different physical conditions. That’s why we advise you to ask your doctor, who knows your case.

Also, the safety and efficacy of rosehip have not been studied in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s best to speak with your healthcare provider before trying our Detox Evening tea, if you’re nursing.

Can detox tea be a hangover remedy ?

Water and hydration are the best medicine for alcohol excess, if, in addition, it contains herbs that promote elimination, then the answer definitely is YES! Our detox teas are a good hangover remedy, with avocado and banana, two super detox foods!

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I felt nauseous while having tea in the morning, in my empty stomach

No panic, this is not due to our tea, but surely to the fact that you have gastric acidities (which are especially powerful at night) and that tea (or any other drink) on an empty stomach is not tolerated. In your case, we advise you to drink milk or eat a yoghurt before drinking your tea.

Can men drink detox teas?

Of course. A lot of our customers are men. The ingredients benefit both men and women. In addition, do you know that green tea (included in Detox Morning) has incredible effects in prevention against various men’s cancers?

I am sedentary, I don’t work out, I don’t walk much, I love junk food… Can your teas help me lose weight?

No one loses weight under these conditions and without a minimum of effort. Don’t believe in magic products. In your case, our teas are not “miracle” products. They include plants, backed by science, that will strongly help. You will make you feel lighter, they will make you lose a few pounds of water retention and this feeling of lightness will surely motivate you to make some efforts.
The concept of detox is incompatible with junk food, which fills your body with “dead food”, chemicals and bad fats.
There are good fats to eat, and eating healthier is not so difficult. Follow our blog, you will find information.

I am still sporty and slim, what could be the gain ?

Some of our customers are very fitness-oriented sportsmen, and they like our products for the well-being that they get: better digestion, better skin, better sleep, better elimination of toxins.