What is a “detox”? How does it really work ?

what is a detox

It seems everyone has an opinion about ‘detox’ these days. The internet is a minefield of information about different types of detox, which makes it very difficult to know what’s good and bad.

While detoxing may seem like a trend, it’s actually a practice that goes back many centuries. From sweat lodges of early Europe to the Ayurvedic rituals of India, detoxification is an intrinsic part of traditional medicine and good health.

Unfortunately, the types of detox that have given detoxing some bad publicity of late are the “skinny” teas and cleanses endorsed by celebrities and influencers. You may have also heard of detox diets that involve restricting certain foods, starvation, or taking vast quantities of supplements.


These types of detox are neither healthy nor effective. Skinny teas often contain natural laxatives such as senna which increase bowel movements. While senna is effective for treating occasional constipation, any weight loss it causes is only fluid-related, and therefore temporary. When taken in excess, laxatives such as senna can seriously damage the gut and potentially cause dehydration and nutrient malabsorption.

A true detox should not be anything like this.  Detox should be a gentle, healthy process that supports your body’s natural detoxification pathways rather than upsetting them.

And, if you suffer from aching joints, sore muscles, bloating, indigestion, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, or such unpleasant symptoms in your daily life, a detox is something that you could certainly benefit from!


 What is “detox” ?

Detoxification is simply a means of flushing toxic substances from your body. Our modern lifestyle means we are constantly exposed to toxins in our food, environment, medications, air, and even through daily battles with stress. These things can cause our detoxification organs to become overloaded.

Your body actually carries out its own detoxification processes naturally from day to day, but sometimes this is not as efficient as it should be. Although your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system are designed to remove harmful compounds, these organs haven’t evolved to deal with the enormous number of toxins in our environment.

If your body takes in more toxins than it can process, your natural detoxification pathways can become overwhelmed. Your body will struggle to cleanse itself properly, causing your organs and tissues to become even more ‘clogged’ – and potentially leading to serious health problems.

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 How does your body detox?

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Five major organs make up your body’s detoxification pathways: the liver, kidneys, gut, lungs, and skin. Each organ has an important part to play in maintaining the daily balance between what goes in and what comes out. If any of these organs are not functioning as well as they should, your health can deteriorate.


 What does your liver do?

Your liver is your most important detoxification organ.  Among its many other roles in the body, it’s responsible for filtering out toxins from your blood and from the food that you eat. These toxins can include pathogens, excess hormones, chemicals, pollutants, and other nasties. The liver sends these toxins to your other detoxification organs (your kidneys, skin, and urinary system) to be flushed out of the body.

The liver also stores glycogen (also known as blood sugar) and insulin (made in the pancreas) and releases both of these as your body needs them. It also helps regulate the hormones in your blood, influences blood sugar, blood pressure and fat metabolism, signals to the adrenal glands, and manufactures cholesterol.

With so much work to do, it makes sense to keep your liver in optimal condition!

 What do your kidneys do?

Your urinary system includes your kidneys, adrenals and bladder. Your bowels and urinary tract are the ‘exit points’ for wastes that are moved out of your body.

Your kidneys also play a major role in filtering your blood: about 1200ml per minute, in fact. That’s about a quarter of your total blood flow! The kidneys’ main job is to maintain the balance of nutrients in your body. They work with your adrenals to produce many hormones or substances to that influence the way your body functions. These hormones affect everything from your pituitary gland in the brain, your thyroid, heart, sexual organs, and your blood pressure. They’re also involved in the elimination of excess or toxic fluids and a small amount of solid matter. Toxins are also eliminated through your skin as sweat, and through your lungs as CO2.

 What does your skin do?

Your skin is actually your largest organ of elimination! It’s also a major part of your integumentary system: the network that helps your body to get rid of cellular waste material. Once your kidneys have removed wastes from the blood, your skin moves these wastes out of your body in the form of sweat. It’s through your sweat glands that your skin flushes out toxins and excess minerals.
Looking after your skin and keeping it free from contaminants will help your other organs to perform their elimination processes. It’s also a good idea to check your skin regularly for any signs of irritation such as rashes, eczema, spots or other problems, as this may suggest that your body is struggling to get rid of something.  

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 Why are detox teas a good idea? 

A true detox is one that helps your body rid itself of unwanted substances, refresh itself, and heal properly. Of course, with a huge range of detox products available these days, it hard to know what’s right for your body and what isn’t. You should avoid any products that promise a ‘quick fix’ or weight loss. Short-term results never last. Detox products that require extreme changes to your diet are also not recommended.

That’s why a good place to start is with detox teas.

Nature has provided an amazing apothecary of plants that naturally support our detoxification organs. Traditional medicine has used the healing powers of various bitter, nutritive herbs and roots for hundreds of years.

 There’s now plenty of clinical research about these fabulous plants

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– particularly dandelion, nettle, ginger and Camellia sinensis – are highly beneficial in nurturing the body and supporting purification. In fact, studies have shown that you’ll enjoy greater benefits by supporting your body’s natural detoxification pathways every day, rather than through harsh short-term regimes.

That’s why detox teas are so great! They’re made with plants that specifically support the body’s natural detoxification pathways. When created by a qualified herbalist, teas are a safe and effective way to support and nurture normal bodily processes rather than the harsh diet regimes that can damage your body.  

The Potion Tree has created a range of 100-percent natural detox teas made with organic herbs that encourage natural detoxification and support your detoxification organs. With ingredients such as Yerba Mate, Green Tea, Lemongrass, Ginger and real Lemon, the Potion Tree detox teas also help to boost your metabolism and your body’s fat-burning abilities. These teas are gentle and safe enough to be drunk every day.  

By clearing out accumulated toxins in the body, the specific herbs in this tea allow the body to carry out its other functions more efficiently. Those who have used the Detox Tea Cure have reported incredibly positive changes to their health and wellbeing, such as renewed energy and wellbeing. Their bodies are better able to absorb nutrients from food, which means energy production is more efficient.

Fewer toxins in your lymphatic system will also help keep your skin clear and glowing. Your immune system will be better able to fight off invading pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. This also helps to reduce inflammation and other problems associated with the inflammatory response. And, because harmful pollutants can interfere with proper metabolic function, some customers have even experienced weight loss.

By eliminating the toxins and free radicals that affect brain function, your emotional state will also benefit. You’ll find that you’re more relaxed, your head is clearer, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll feel more positive and motivated.

Best of all – when you feel good, you’ll be more inclined to stick to the healthy habits that keep you feeling good! 


 The Potion Tree Detox teas are the healthy way to detox

Yes, there are many ways to detox – but not all of them are good, or even safe. That’s why it’s vital to do your research before embarking on a detox programme or trying a detox product.

Detox teas are the gentlest and safest way to rid your body of toxins. The Potion Tree teas have been expertly crafted to do support your body – not harm it. Using the power of plants, these delicious teas are easily incorporated into a daily routine and help protect your body from the many ills of modern-day life.

Rather than promising a ‘magic solution’ or potentially harmful short-term benefits, these detox teas are made with true health and healing in mind.

And that’s all your body really wants!


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