Our Eco-friendly packaging

For our tea blends, we use eco friendly stand-up pouches, which are the best packaging choice, here why :

Their multiple scientifically developed laminated layers will keep your tea safe from odours, moisture, bacteria…

It guarantees that your product will be kept fresh. Also, it is easy to store.

We wish to make sustainability and ethics part of our business. Stand-up pouches require 12% less structural elements than most other packaging bags, and all components used for this type of packaging can be broken down and recycled.

Lightweight flexible packaging is durable and requires less fuel during the transportation process than heavy glass bottles or metal cans, helping to reduce the carbon footprint .

 Also, their format allows us to ship your teas in A5 mailbags, which explains our low shipping costs!

Consumers and brands that want to do their part in reducing waste and incorporating sustainable habits into their everyday lives should consider all ways their products and eco-friendly food packaging can be good for the environment.


Please, recycle after use !