Detox Evening Tea


This unique blend of 7 organic plants is designed to enhance the effects of DETOX Morning Purity tea. The medicinal benefits of these carefully-selected plants have been documented in numerous scientific studies. You’ll be amazed at how much your body appreciates a helping hand in its daily detoxification!

Most people who follow our Detox Tea Cure experience weight loss, fewer cravings for “junk food”, more stable blood glucose levels, better sleep, clearer skin, less bloating… and that’s just the beginning.

Our Detox Tea Cure kick-starts your metabolism and boosts your energy levels! It’s also loaded with antioxidants, which we all need more than ever. 

Did you know? Our Detox cure provides numerous benefits for your complexion, and can even help delay the aging process. This is all thanks to those antioxidants. 

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Save by purchasing  DETOX Morning Purity + DETOX Evening Purity together and enjoy all the benefits of a tea-based detox.

  1 pack = 55g = 30 large cups / small teapots 

 To prepare your tea, you will need a tea strainer or our biodegradable empty tea bags

100% ORGANIC – Made in NZ 

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