Detox Express: How to restore yourself with our detox teas (…especially after overindulging!)

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Sometimes a festive dinner can be TOO good… and you eat a little too much. Or, you get carried away with the cocktails and wake up with a painful hangover…

At The Potion Tree, we believe that the odd indulgence is just fine. It’s important to enjoy life and all its pleasures (as long as they’re not TOO frequent!) 

Good news: our Detox teas can help you feel normal again! Our teas are a wonderful way to limit the damage caused by the occasional binge or a big night out. 

Our Detox teas contain specific herbs that can rehydrate and detoxify your body (especially your liver!) and help to flush out toxins from alcohol, fats and sugar.


Here how to use our Detox Teas as a Detox Express

24 hours to feel better

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DETOX Express : Morning Purity

This Detox Morning Purity Tea helps to flush out toxins processed by your body during the night and kick-start your metabolism before breakfast.

This tea is a great way to limit damage caused by excess food or alcohol from the previous day (or night!)

Prepare 0.5L to 1L of Detox Morning Purity Tea:  1 tbsp for 1 teapot. Steeps for 7-9 minutes.

 Drink immediately before breakfast. The hot water will hydrate you and help your body to eliminate those toxins. Green tea and yerba mate will kick-start your metabolism and improve digestion, and the lemon will help to purify your liver. 


Learn more about our detox tea ingredients
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 DETOX Express : Evening Purity

Drinking our caffeine-free Detox Evening Purity Tea throughout the day will help to cleanse your body of toxins and restore your vitality. 

Whoops! It looks like you forgot to specify your html tag. Prepare 1.5L of Detox Evening Purity Tea: infuse 1 tbsp in 1 large cup for 15 minutes, then transfer to a glass bottle or large teapot and fill.

Whoops! It looks like you forgot to specify your html tag.  Drink the tea from morning to night (hot or warm).

The Detox Evening Purity blend is designed to assist your liver and kidneys when they need it most. The combination of hot water and purifying herbs will help to eliminate toxins and re-hydrate your body so you recover quickly.
(You will need to go to the bathroom a lot: this means the tea is working!)

The result: your fatigue and bloating will ease, and you’ll start feeling normal again. Your skin will remain clear and you’ll be less likely to suffer breakouts from your overindulgences the day before.

> Please don’t use hot tea in plastic bottle. Learn about the correlation between hot plastic and breast cancer 



What else could help ?

 Eating well : There are many foods that nourish your body – and many that pollute it. Don’t add to the burden!

On your ‘recovery day’, choose foods that will boost your detoxification processes, along with good fats to help ease inflammation. Most importantly, avoid the worst foods for your body.

Eat plenty of vegetables, good fats, fruits, proteins, and complex carbohydrates (whole grain bread, brown rice…)

The right foods will optimise your body’s ability to detoxify and you’ll feel better faster!


Take a bath : Sometimes after a big night out, you feel… dirty!  That’s when a body scrub can be a great way to help you feel fresh, clean, and ready to face the world again.

We have created the Detox Bath Salts to encourage healthy sweating and whole-body rejuvenation. Toxins are eliminated through the pores of your skin, so the Detox Bath helps to promote the release of those toxins while also soothing inflammation.

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Still have questions about our Detox cure ?

Check our FAQ !

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Our Detox teas help thousands people feel fantastic. See what they’re saying on our Facebook page :


Our Detox range 100% natural & made in NZ :

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16 thoughts on “Detox Express: How to restore yourself with our detox teas (…especially after overindulging!)

  1. Sonia Simao says:

    Hi, All.
    I love your products. I have purchased both the morning and evening detox tea for a while.
    Can I keep drinking both teas consistently after 21 days or should I pause for some weeks before starting again?
    Thank you.

    • The Potion Tree says:

      Hello Sonia, Thank you for your feedback 🙂 Yes you can keep drinking the Detox teas ! 3 weeks in the minimum we recommend. Most of our customers drink them daily, there are no problematic ingredients, so enjoy 🙂

    • The Potion Tree says:

      Hi Carol ! Thank you for your interest in our Detox teas. Yes you can perfectly include the Detox teas in a keto diet. It is a good way to stay hydrated (crucial during veto), and the natural ingredients are all the more effective in a body not overloaded in sugar and carbs.

  2. Nettie says:

    Good morning, I am in my early 70’s and very interested on the detox teas, must admit I love my first coffee in the morning which I obviously would need to forego. I have osteoporosis and arthritis so was wondering if these teas would help me also added bonus of a possible weight always an added incentive. Many thanks Nettie ?

    • The Potion Tree says:

      Hello Nettie, indeed, during the Detox Tea Cure, it is better to stop coffee in the morning. But you will surely discover a new addiction : the sensation of purity after waking up ! A lot of persons continue to consume the Detox Morning every day because of it, it feels so good. Unfortunately, we cannot advice about your conditions, it is always better to ask your GP. Our Detox Teas help with weight management because they boost elimination and metabolism. But they are not a diet. Thank you !

    • The Potion Tree says:

      Hello Anita 🙂 thank you for your interest in out Detox Teas. Unfortunately, we cannot give advice about your conditions, it is better to ask you GP, you can show him/her the ingredients of the teas.

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  4. Katherine says:

    Hi I have purchased both the morning and evening detox tea. Can you drink the morning detox tea at any other time rather than 1/2 hour before breakfast? Thank you Kathy

    • The Potion Tree says:

      Hello Kathy ! The most important is the 1st cup before the breakfast, but of course, you can continue to drink it after, in the morning ! After noon, it would be better to switch on the Evening Detox tea if you want to continue to drink, because the ingredients are more adapted for the rest of the day (Morning detox really focus on night toxins), and because it doesn’t contain theine. We hope you like it 🙂 , have a nice day !

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