5 brave organs that fight against toxins

We will tell you about the 5 organs of elimination that fight for you daily, more than ever nowadays, to remove toxins from your body.
Overloaded by our way of life, helping them is essential for staying healthy, having beautiful skin and losing weight more easily.
When our elimination functions are overwhelmed by rich and unbalanced diet, our body eventually becomes clogged, prelude to more serious illnesses. Naturopathy recommends fostering our “filtering” organs for a “deep cleaning.”

Health is closely related to diet, lifestyle, emotions of the psyche and proper functioning of excretory systems-the true “exit doors” of the body.

The excretory organs are responsible for clearing waste in order to maintain the balance of the internal environment. Exercise plays an undeniable role in this process by allowing tissues to release toxins. This is what might be called “taking out the trash” of the body to open the exit doors!

Our teas Detox Morning and Evening Purity help these brave organs to eliminate the overload of toxins.
A good detox results in easier weight management, better skin, and an incredible new energy …

Let’s discover the 5 organs designated for this essential function : ensure permanent elimination of toxins. After reading this, you’ll realize how much we harm ourselves by polluting these organs and how urgent it is to help them.

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Liver: the detoxification center

The liver is the largest excretory organ the body has, and also the most stressed. Indeed, it receives for filtration, all the products of digestion, through the blood. It also receives the putrefaction products and ammonia-laden toxic substances. It is also in the liver that all unwanted chemicals: pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizers, drugs are found.

  • The filter liver removes waste (like other emunctories)
  • The liver neutralizes many toxic and carcinogenic substances

Note that wastes filtered by the liver are eliminated in the bile. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good production and a steady flow of bile. This flow enables both digestion and detoxification (or detoxification).

Intestines: waste processing 

The small intestine and large intestine have a very important role in digestion and assimilation. This role can be disrupted when the intestinal flora is deficient in quality and quantity due to putrefaction, excess protein, or fermentation, excess carbohydrates and may cause disruptions in transit. In principle, the bowel should be cleared  at least once a day.

The intestines receive a large amount of food. Including body fluids and secretions, it is estimated that about 10 liters per day flow through the intestines. This is a heavy load of toxic substances. However, the mass of these toxic substances that may stagnate in the intestine can putrefy or ferment. The stagnation in the intestines is major self-poisoning.

The intestinal mucosa must be in good condition and should  not accumulate food waste that end up the line and form true “varnish plates.” The formation of these plaques is often linked to excessive consumption of sugars and refined white flours combined with saturated fats (meats, butter, cheese, meat).

We must preserve the integrity of the intestinal mucosa, which also acts as a filter.

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Kidneys: purification of blood

The function of the kidney is to filter and remove the waste circulating in our blood (the kidneys filter 120 ml of blood per minute) thus  making it an important excretory organ of our body. It is through them that all the acids and crystals pass. These acids and crystals are harmful to our bodies, so there is no question of keeping them in for long. For this, it is important that the circulating fluids and liquids are frequent

But that’s not enough. It is important to reduce the consumption of animal protein, dairy products, refined sugars, coffee, black tea, etc.

If the kidneys are stretched beyond their ability to eliminate wastes, formation of kidney stones may occur. .

Lungs: Elimination of toxic gases

They allow the exchange of gases such as carbon dioxide and it is by this method that the most volatile acids are removed from our system. From the outside to the inside, it is the air we breathe that allows our cells to live and “breathe.” The lungs are filters that can “clog” in case of insufficient physical activity. Lack of physical exercise results in the incomplete elimination of gases  like carbon dioxide. The body  then slowly faces asphyxiation.

From the inside outwards, volatile acids are removed.

Physical activities such as playing sports,coupled with inhalation exercises  or steam baths, help keep lungs healthy.

Skin: the 3rd kidney

Skin is an excretory that has the potential to eliminate a large variety of toxic substances. It is a double exit door. The skin rejects:

  • crystalloid waste through sweat (sweat glands)
  • colloidal waste by sebum (oil glands)

Sweating is a great way to eliminate toxins. Again, physical exercise and the  steam baths can be of great help.

It is both a barrier against external aggression and a sensory organ. But its large surface area also gives it the ability to quickly take over the task of other excretory organs (intestine and kidneys) when they fail to function.

Filter organs are therefore, as you can guess, specialized in waste disposal.

In case of fatigue or discomfort, our detox cure can be very useful since its purpose is to drain and clean these organs. However, a healthy diet and sport are the key to well-being and healthy organs. Indeed, during workout, and during the diet, all the organs of elimination are pampered: the skin sweats, the intestine works better, the liver is relieved, kidneys receive a lot of water and little alcohol, and the lungs are solicited during exercise. This way of life logically leads to health and radiance.

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