Good and bad fats : make the difference

Like many people, you may think that the number one enemy of your weight loss is fat ! You might have tried to deprive yourself of it, but your body, unfortunate, craves for sugar … and there … you wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation!

Let’s annihilate this popular belief :

Fat can be good!

Fat is better than sugar. However, (and yes, there is a “however”) there are several types of fat! Some are good for you, and some are not.

In the portrait of 63-year-old model Yasmina Rossi, she confides to eating 1 avocado a day! It is one of the fattest fruits, 360 calories per unit, 25% fat. This is not surprising because it only contains good fat, ensuring a good function of the vital organs, giving beautiful skin and hair!

During your DETOX tea cure, we advise you to remove all bad fats and generously consume good fat. Here’s why and how to do it !

The 3 major families of fats

Knowing how to distinguish and choose them has a considerable impact on your health and diet.

Lipids are in fact composed of varied molecules, including fatty acids. There are three main families:

In conclusion, to optimize your detox, it is essential to no longer introduce bad things into your body. To lose weight, it’s not about eating less, but about eating better. With a little effort, you can decide on how to improve the dishes you like by replacing the oil with a better one for example, by preferring a fish or chicken rather than a red meat, by spreading avocado on your toast rather than butter … It’s easier than you imagine!

Simply replacing bad fats with good fats is the best decision you can make for your health, and for your beauty!

Source : Harvard Medical School, Cleveland Clinic

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