Toxin accumulation in your body :12 warning signs

Toxin accumulation in the body can really take a toll on your health.

Our body is equipped with efficient organs to filter and eliminate its own toxins. However, in modern times, we consume far too many toxin for the body to handle. These toxins are ingested due to pollution, and inadvertent and ignorant consumption of pesticides, preservatives, food additives, heavy metals, plastics and other environmental chemicals…

In the body, toxin overload impairs the proper functioning of organs and prevent their filtering  processes from being performed optimally. Many people suffer smaller to greater afflictions, unaware that simple purification of the body, helping filters organs, might change and improve their lives.

Here are some signs that may tell you when it is time to change your diet, your habit, or for a detox cure.

Constant fatigue

Even if you sleep well, there are times when you feel the scourge of constant fatigue. This could be a sign that your body is having to work very hard to get rid of toxins that flow into it. How can you cope with fatigue? If your solution is “coffee” or “confectioneries”, you can bet that they will only add to the problem. Chronic fatigue may also be due to to endocrine disrupting chemicals that can damage your immune system.

Persistent weight gain

It is never easy to lose weight, but even after working out daily and reducing your calorie intake, if your kilos still don’t go away, it could be that you are suffering from a hormonal problem. It is an interesting fact that our natural hormonal function can be greatly affected by toxic chemicals in foods and cosmetics.

Maybe a complete detox, which includes changing your regular diet and ditching your cosmetics, can help you lose those extra pounds.

Poor quality of sleep

A body overloaded with toxin sleeps badly. They adversely affect the production of melatonin- the hormone responsible for regulating sleep cycles- and makes it difficult to get a good night’s rest.


Your mood can be heavily influenced by a good or a bad meal. Eating unhealthy food that are full of toxins for  long can make you depressed. The problem is, even when you improve your diet, toxins block the nutrients they contain and prevent them from reaching your brain.

A body “clogged” with toxin is unable to recover without a detox. It makes you feel heavy and sluggish.

Bad breath

If you brush twice, floss, use a mouthwash and still can’t leave your bad breath behind, digestive problems probably isn’t the culprit., It may mean that your liver is unable to effectively get rid of toxin.

Coated tongue – white or yellow

Accumulation of toxins in the blood can lead to white or yellow coating on the tongue.


Intestines get rid of many toxins every day. When we are constipated, these toxins accumulate and, can  negatively affect our system. In addition to stomach pain, constipation can cause headaches and fatigue. This also concerns the level of toxins, especially if you eat a lot of processed foods filled with chemicals, pesticides and preservatives.

Sensitivity to odors

Strong reactions to smells, especially perfumes, could mean that you are simply sensitive to chemicals, like many of us. It can also mean that your body is fighting a toxic overload- Especially if strong smells give you headaches and stomach aches.

Muscle pain

If your muscle pain is  not to your workout yesterday, it could be that the toxins in your system  are doing their workout on your muscles and joints. It is the most probable cause especially if your pain is regular.

Skin problems

Acne, rashes and other skin problems can indicate a toxin overload. Acne, in particular can be linked to toxins in our food or skin care products. Puffy eyes and outbreaks of eczema or psoriasis can also be signs that you have crossed  your toxicity limit. Topical treatment will not help you if the cause of your skin problem is due to excessive toxins in the body.

In such cases, detoxification is the only way out. But detoxification is often accompanied by emerging rashes and other skin problems, especially if many toxins are released. These effects will dissipate when the process is complete and should not be confused with a worsening of the problem.

Color changes of urine and feces

Alterations in color and smell of urine and feces can be  indications of a severe health problem.

Even if such a problem arises from urinary tract or intestinal infection,they are also suggestive of liver problems.

Urine generally has a pale yellow color when the body is well hydrated. However, in case of jaundice, it might turn mustard yellow. Similarly, a liver that contains too much toxins can cause stool to turn pale or even black.

Water retention

Fluid retention is more common in people with kidney disease, but it may also suggest liver problems.

It manifests with inflammation in the feet, legs and other body parts, and can be easily identified by pressing one’s  finger on these parts; the finger impression remains there for seconds and is indicative of water retention.

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      Hello Sheree, you can drink your favorite tea in addition, it will not cancel the effects of Detox teas if you consume the minimum recommended amounts, and it will hydrate you even more. However, be careful not to add sugar to any of your teas. Prefer honey!

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      Hello Nicola 🙂 The Detox Morning contains a part of green tea, so a little caffeine (theine is more accurate). The Detox Evening is theine free. But, it really boosts elimination, so the kidneys will be more used that usually. It is better to ask your GP about that, during your pregnancy.

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