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Yerba Mate: the health benefits of the South American Superfood

Yerba mate is a traditional South American herbal tea made from the leaves of the [...]

The pregnancy essential oils guide

Pregnancy + essentials oils is a big topic that can leave you confused. During your [...]

Cacay oil: the miracle Amazonian anti-ageing oil

Cacay Oil is the Amazon’s best-kept secret and the perfect addition to your skincare routine. [...]

Damask Rose : an ingredient full of benefits

NAME OF USE: Damask rose, Ancient rose, Bulgarian rose PART USED: Flower BOTANICAL NAME: Rosa [...]

10 amazing health benefits of honey

The benefits of honey are numerous. Honey, also referred as the nectar of gods, a [...]

Honey, a treasure since the dawn of time

The term “honey”, which appeared in the language in the tenth century, comes from the [...]

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Himalayan salt ; the best salt for your health

Extracted from salt rock, dating back millions of years in the heart of the Himalayas, [...]

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Epsom salts : 8 benefits on health and skin, a fabulous detox partner

Epsom salts have been considered a powerful asset since ancient times. It has been named [...]

Why is Dead Sea salt so special ?

Dead sea salt is not like other salts. Although it is widely known that there [...]

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