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Breast cancer: how to effectively perform a self-exam

A self-exam of your breast can save your life ! Movements, zones, frequency of checkup… [...]

Drinking more than 5 glasses of wine per week damages DNA and accelerates ageing

British researchers have found that drinking alcohol equivalent to more than five glasses of wine [...]

10 Vegetarian Foods to boost collagen production

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to feel sick at the idea of having [...]

13 essential tips for a perfect bath

Whether you are at the end of a difficult day, a hike or an exhausting [...]

Cacay oil: the miracle Amazonian anti-ageing oil

Cacay Oil is the Amazon’s best-kept secret and the perfect addition to your skincare routine. [...]

Hemp Oil : Everything about the benefits of cannabis sativa face oil

Hemp oil is rich in essential nutrients and fatty acids. Dark green in colour, hemp [...]

Rosehip Oil : How and why to use it to benefit the skin

Delicate and fragrant, rosehip oil has many long-term benefits for your skin. Rosehip is extracted [...]

How to use Argan Oil on skin, hair and nails for maximum benefits

A true gift of nature, argan oil seduces the whole world with its cosmetic and [...]

10 amazing health benefits of honey

The benefits of honey are numerous. Honey, also referred as the nectar of gods, a [...]

10 Daily Benefits of Rose Hydrosol

Since the ancient days, rose hydrosol has been used for its revitalising and antibacterial properties. [...]

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