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6 foods that make you hungry instead of satiated

These foods make you hungry instead of satiated Are you still a little hungry after [...]

Drinking more than 5 glasses of wine per week damages DNA and accelerates ageing

British researchers have found that drinking alcohol equivalent to more than five glasses of wine [...]

10 Vegetarian Foods to boost collagen production

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to feel sick at the idea of having [...]

Does detox tea help with weight loss?

It seems everyone is looking for a ‘quick fix’ for losing weight. There’s an endless [...]


Honey, a treasure since the dawn of time

The term “honey”, which appeared in the language in the tenth century, comes from the [...]

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10 processed foods to avoid to stay healthy

Processed foods are now clearly associated to salt, pesticides, additives, fats and hidden sugars, but [...]


16 Detox foods to boost your diet

We call detox foods foods that are packed with fibre, detoxify the body and help cleanse [...]


Himalayan salt ; the best salt for your health

Extracted from salt rock, dating back millions of years in the heart of the Himalayas, [...]

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Good and bad fats : make the difference

Like many people, you may think that the number one enemy of your weight loss [...]