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What is the difference between detox tea and a cleanse?

The words ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ pop up a lot these days, especially with summer on [...]

Senna, this natural but worrying ingredient that you will not find in our Detox Teas

In many detox teas on the market, the presence of senna (Senna Alexandrina or Cassia [...]


5 brave organs that fight against toxins

We will tell you about the 5 organs of elimination that fight for you daily, [...]

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Why is Dead Sea salt so special ?

Dead sea salt is not like other salts. Although it is widely known that there [...]

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Detox Express: How to restore yourself with our detox teas (…especially after overindulging!)

Sometimes a festive dinner can be TOO good… and you eat a little too much. [...]


How to use our Detox Tea to speed weight loss and purify your body

A Detox Tea Cure helps you on the path to good health – naturally. You [...]