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Laura’s letter : About the Lemon Verbena tea

Hello, tea enthusiasts! Today, it’s Laura, the founder of the Potion Tree, writing to you. I’ve been [...]

How does breastfeeding tea help with low milk supply? 

Motherhood can be wonderful, demanding, and exhausting – often all at once!  Whether it’s your [...]

Can children drink herbal teas?

If you love herbal teas, you’ll know that they have many wonderful benefits in supporting [...]

Does detox tea help with weight loss?

It seems everyone is looking for a ‘quick fix’ for losing weight. There’s an endless [...]


Green Tea : 8 incredible health benefits, backed by science

Fat-burner, energy-booster, detoxifier, cancer preventative – is there anything green tea can’t do? No doubt [...]

What is a “detox”? How does it really work ?

It seems everyone has an opinion about ‘detox’ these days. The internet is a minefield [...]

10 amazing health benefits of honey

The benefits of honey are numerous. Honey, also referred as the nectar of gods, a [...]

Senna, this natural but worrying ingredient that you will not find in our Detox Teas

In many detox teas on the market, the presence of senna (Senna Alexandrina or Cassia [...]


Blood pressure : Three cups of Hibiscus tea are enough to improve high blood pressure

The more sophisticated the drugs become, the more medicine needs to return to its roots. [...]

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Hibiscus flower, a miracle antioxidant

Symbol of beauty and seduction, the Hibiscus flower contains many valuable attributes like a significant [...]

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