How to use Argan Oil on skin, hair and nails for maximum benefits

how to use argan oil nz skin nail face hair hands feet

A true gift of nature, argan oil seduces the whole world with its cosmetic and nutritional properties. This precious oil is the result of a complex manufacturing process that has been passed down through families for centuries.

Also known by its Latin name “Argania spinosa” or simply “yellow gold”, Argan oil is manufactured and exported from Morocco. Its incredible benefits are celebrated throughout the beauty industry.

Want to try one of the best vegetable oils in the world? Here’s how Argan oil can be applied to your face, body, hands, or hair for maximum benefits.

Argan oil on the face 

For dry skin: Apply in the morning on a clean, dry face to benefit from its moisturising properties all day. The composition of Argan oil helps to regulate sebum production, reducing the appearance of “oily skin”.

For mature and wrinkled skin: Apply in the evening before going to bed. It’s still fine to use during the day, but an evening application will allow the skin to absorb the important vitamins and trace minerals without being affected by wind, dust, rain, sun, and pollution.

For irritated or acne-prone skin: As with wrinkled skin, it is advisable to apply Argan oil to clean, dry skin in the evening. Sleep is essential for healthy cell regeneration, so night-time is best for imparting these wonderful properties.

For dull and lifeless complexions: Take advantage of Argan oil’s clarifying virtues by applying n in the morning.


how to apply use argan oil nail face hair


The best gestures to apply your face oil 

When using an oil or cream, it is important to t follow the direction of the skin fibres. This helps the oil to penetrate deep into the epidermis.

Use your fingertips in light movements, not too fast.

Forehead: Make horizontal movements from the centre of your forehead and out  to the sides. 

Cheeks: Make U-shaped movements from the inside of the eye to above the cheeks. U-shaped movements should descend from the dark circles under your eyes to the middle of your cheek.

Sides of the face: Make vertical movements from the top of the temples to the jaw.

Lower face: Make horizontal movements with both hands, moving from the centre of the chin to the earlobes.


On the hair

For strong, shiny hair, there’s nothing better than a natural oil like Argan. Be sure to choose an organic and 100% pure product. 

For dry, brittle and lifeless hair, apply argan oil as a pre-treatment on dry hair. Wrap your hair in a towel and allow to absorb for at least 30 minutes. Wash with appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

For damaged tips and split ends, apply the argan oil to ends of hair and brush to distribute evenly. Leave in hair overnight or during the day. 

Argan oil is particularly effective for hair that has suffered from chemical treatment from dyes, peroxide, or straightening.


On the nails, hands and feet

Argan oil is very popular for repairing skin on the hands, especially in winter when skin tends to become very dry.  Apply a drizzle of oil to the palms of your hands and allow it to soak in. 

To beautify and solidify the nails, apply argan oil before going to bed at night. You can also use it as a pre-treatment before a manicure. Simply mix with a few drops of lemon juice to create a whitening effect.

On the feet and nails, apply argan oil any time of the day in summer – preferably the evening or after showering, when your skin and nails are still hydrated. The oil will help your skin and nails to retain the moisture.


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