6 foods that make you hungry instead of satiated

6 foods that make you hungry instead of satiated

These foods make you hungry instead of satiated

Are you still a little hungry after your two croissants? There’s nothing more normal, you’ve probably just chosen the wrong foods. To learn how to be (finally) satiated, follow our guide.

Many foods are natural “appetite suppressants”, such as those rich in protein, which help you to feel full. Others, on the contrary, stimulate the appetite, and it is better to keep them away from your plate. How can certain foods make you hungry instead of satisfied? This is explained in particular by their high glycaemic index: they quickly increase the level of sugar in the blood, which will come down again just as quickly afterwards. Once your sense of hunger is stimulated by the drop in blood sugar, you quickly feel peckish, even shortly after finishing your meal. But they can also simply lack the most beneficial nutrients, and leave you hungry. Here is an overview of these false friends according to nutritionists.

sushi make you hungry not satiated nz the potion tree nutrition


Do you feel less guilty after ordering two trays of sushi rather than a family size pizza? Make no mistake, sushi is mainly made up of white rice with vinegar, so its glycaemic index is high. For Japanese food aficionados, console yourself instead with miso soup and sashimi, rich in protein and therefore satisfying.

juice make you hungry not satiated nz the potion tree nutrition

Fruit juice

Do you squeeze your own fruit for a 100% natural-energy juice? Skip the juice in favour of pieces or compote, because the fibres of the fruits are in the skin and the pulp. Once squeezed, only the sugar remains, which raises blood sugar. In addition, you deprive yourself of chewing, which is a big factor in helping you to feel full.


alcohol make you hungry not satiated nz the potion tree nutrition


Why do we reach for peanuts and other pieces of charcuterie after a few glasses of alcohol? The reason is simple: drinking lowers glycogen levels (the form sugar takes when it is stored by the body) and raises blood sugar, which will then drop and result in feeling hunger.


cereals make you hungry not satiated nz the potion tree nutrition

Commercial cereals

They are often drowned in a dairy product and, for some, guaranteed “low fat”. But beware! To be transformed into flakes, the cereals are brought to a very high temperature and even if their nutritional value is not zero, their nourishment is severely depleted. They are also often sweet and fatty due to the chocolate bits they contain. Opt for oat flakes or oat bran, much richer in fibre. And for a twist to your breakfast, mix them with coconut milk and fresh fruit like a smoothie bowl.


burger make you hungry not satiated nz the potion tree nutrition


No wonder: they are frequently sweetened with sauces and followed by a dessert. Although fatty products, bread, and meat proteins – which take longer for the stomach to digest – will initially satiate you, sugar will quickly stimulate the appetite again. Instead, favour eating “homemade” and pair them with vegetables. Avoid sweet sauces and prioritise light proteins such as poultry.

white bread make you hungry not satiated nz the potion tree nutrition

White bread

Do you eat four slices of white bread every morning? That’s why you might crave a croissant just an hour after the first meal of the day. Because white bread is made of refined flour, its glycaemic index is high. Of course, it is not a question of drawing a definitive line through the baguette: instead, replace white with breads rich in fibre that will satisfy, such as bran, rye or wholemeal bread. Industrial square white bread from the supermarket is the worst, and is full of additives. You should always buy your bread from a baker or invest in a bread maker.


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