3 ways to prepare your Leïla’s arabic mint tea

Have you purchased our Leïla’s Arabic mint green tea or do you plan to ?

> Learn more about the history and tradition of arabic mint tea

    Here 3 ways to prepare it !

    The arabian style :

    The authentic arabic mint tea contains very high levels of sugar.

    Sugar blends perfectly with fresh mint, and its flavor is unique. To get as close as possible to this flavor, here’s how to do it:

    For 1 teapot (1L) : doing arabian style suppose you’re not drinking your mint tea alone !

    • Put 2 tablespoon of Leïla’s arabic mint tea in your teapot
    • Add boiling water to “rinse” the tea, and throw this water.
    • Add boiling again, to fill your teapot and brew for 3 minutes maximum
    • Add 6 teaspoons of white/brown sugar
    • Drink very hot in glasses

    arabic moroccan mint tea

    The healthy way :

    Leïla’s arabic mint tea is made from a great green tea and dried mint leaves : an healthy and slimming beverage you can abuse !

    In addition, Leïla’s arabic mint tea is dosed to be delicious without sugar.

    For one person :

    • Brew one teaspoon of Leïla’s arabic mint tea in a cup of boiling water for 3 minutes maximum
    • Drink very hot


    The iced tea way :


    Leïla’s arabic mint tea can be drinked iced ! Fabulous in summer, at the beach or at home.

    For one bottle (1,5 L) :


    • Prepare 2 generous tablespoons of Leïla’s arabic mint tea in your infuser or 2 of our empty tea bag

    • Pour 1 L of tap or mineral water at room temperature into a carafe or teapot

    • Infuse the tea at room temperature for 2 hours

    • Pour in a bottle and refrigerate for at least two hours… Enjoy !

    iced tea mint

    Once the tea is brewed, we recommends keeping it in the refrigerator and drinking it within twenty-four hours because green tea in particular, oxidizes quickly.

    TIP : When one is short of time or in case of sudden desire … the alternative is to infuse hot tea as usual and then to “iced” it : blend it with iced cubes in a shaker. But be careful not to “drown” the subtle aromas with melting ice … In this case, we recommend to ensure slightly overdose and over-brew the tea.

    Do it in glass carafe/bottle only. Please don’t use hot tea in plastic bottle. Learn about the correlation between hot plastic and breast cancer 

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