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Laura’s letter : About the Lemon Verbena tea

Hello, tea enthusiasts! Today, it’s Laura, the founder of the Potion Tree, writing to you. I’ve been [...]

What is the difference between detox tea and a cleanse?

The words ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ pop up a lot these days, especially with summer on [...]

Damask Rose : an ingredient full of benefits

NAME OF USE: Damask rose, Ancient rose, Bulgarian rose PART USED: Flower BOTANICAL NAME: Rosa [...]

10 Daily Benefits of Rose Hydrosol

Since the ancient days, rose hydrosol has been used for its revitalising and antibacterial properties. [...]

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Senna, this natural but worrying ingredient that you will not find in our Detox Teas

In many detox teas on the market, the presence of senna (Senna Alexandrina or Cassia [...]


What is a DETOX and how can it help to lose weight faster

Detox is a short word for detoxification in naturopathy. It’s a program that will deeply [...]


Summer tip : how to prepare an iced tea with your Detox purity tea

Summer is here, with its hot weather, and you have planned to continue your detox [...]

3 ways to prepare your Leïla’s arabic mint tea

Have you purchased our Leïla’s Arabic mint green tea or do you plan to ? > [...]

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Arabic mint tea : tradition and history

The Arabic mint tea, wrongly called “Moroccan tea” is actually a tradition spread throughout North [...]

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Detox Express: How to restore yourself with our detox teas (…especially after overindulging!)

Sometimes a festive dinner can be TOO good… and you eat a little too much. [...]