Why is Dead Sea salt so special ?

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Dead sea salt is not like other salts. Although it is widely known that there are minerals in sea salt, the unique composition of the Dead Sea water makes its salt more potent. It has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for various ailments. People have always been curious about how dead sea salt can work so well. In this article, we will explain the benefits of using dead sea salt for beauty and health.

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Dead Sea is actually a lake located in the Jordan Rift Valley, bordered by Israel. It is the lowest point on Earth at 430.5 meters (1412 feet) below sea level

Dead Sea salt : some virtues reputed since antiquity

Dead sea salt was used by the peoples of Ancient Egypt for various unguents, skin creams, and soaps since then. It is a mineral-rich salt that has been mined from the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea’s earliest known name is recorded in the Hebrew Scriptures, where it is referred to as “the Salt Sea”, from the Book of Genesis through to The Prophets and later writings. This name was given to due to its unique character: its significantly high salt content, which makes it a source for rock and sea salts. In the later Roman Era, salt was a highly-valued, strictly controlled commodity, more so than gold or silver. The Roman armies were paid in salt, rather than hard currency, The Latin word for salt – “sal” – forms the basis of the word ‘salary’ from this same meaning.

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Dead Sea salts, on a Dead Sea beach


Why is it called “Dead” sea salt?

Dead Sea is located in the Jordan Rift Valley, bordered by Israel. It is the lowest point on Earth at 430.5 meters (1412 feet) below sea level, it is a lake of turquoise waters with salt crystals jutting out of it, and golden-brown hills surrounding it.

With an approximate area of 810 km2, it is fed by the Jordan River. While the average salinity of seawater is 2-4%, that of the Dead Sea is approximately 27.5% (or 275 grams per litre). No macroscopic fish or algae can survive in such conditions, earning it the name “Dead Sea”.

It is the fourth saltiest body of water in the world, behind Don Juan Pond in Antarctica and Vanda and Assal Lakes in Djibouti.

This excess of salt is fatal to animal and plant life, because of its particular chemical composition, as well as its lack of oxygen.


nz dead sea salt

Did you know ?

Dead sea water is so salty that swimming in it is practically impossible, people float on the surface .


Dead Sea salt minerals for skin treatment

It is now scientifically proven that dead sea salt is a natural help for various skin conditions, such as psoriasis, inflammation, and dryness.

Dead sea salt contains a boatload of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, potassium and zinc, which are easily absorbed by the skin.

Magnesium –Promotes cell metabolism, speeds up healing of skin tissue, soothes damaged skin, protects skin from microbes that cause allergies.

Calcium – Balances sebum, enhances skin hydration, promotes cell renewal, prevents wrinkles & fine lines, offers skin cancer protection.

Sulfur – Natural disinfectant, purifies skin, detoxifies the body, promotes hair growth.

Bromide – Soothes skin, relieves muscle cramps, calms nerves, repairs skin cells, revitalizes dull complexion.

Potassium – Replenishes much-needed moisture, reduces puffy skin, reduces water retention.

Sodium – cleanses skin, relieves stiff & sore muscles, fights off skin cell degenerating free radicals, exfoliates dead cells, detoxifies skin.

Zinc – fights acne, protects skin from sunburns and harsh winds.

Many people visit the Dead Sea every year to take salt baths and mud treatments, in order to improve various conditions and illnesses (such as psoriasis, arthritis and various allergies) and get their skin rejuvenated. Minerals from the Dead Sea can also be found in Dead Sea beauty products manufactured in various factories around the Dead Sea.

epsom salt detox detoxify the body
Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt, parts of our Detox Bath, to boost the detox organs while bathing

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