What is a DETOX and how can it help to lose weight faster

Detox is a short word for detoxification in naturopathy. It’s a program that will deeply purify the body and boost the metabolism to help the weight loss, among other benefits.

Why considering a detox cure ?

Experts call the total amount of toxins stored in the body at a given time our toxic “body burden.” They note that when our total body burden passes a certain point, organs of elimination slow way down, kind of like your water filter when you haven’t changed it for a while.
The toxins are the metabolic waste produced by cells inside the human body. But when people talk about “toxins,” they’re likely referring to manmade chemicals as well.
Without really knowing it, your body can be intoxicated by too much sugar, too much fat, badly eliminated toxins, unfriendly food. The result ?

You are tired, bloated, have persistent fats , no energy…

Naturally, the body is well equipped to get rid of toxins all on its own, but sometimes, it needs a big boost because it has been enduring for too long! These are often women who can no longer lose weight despite their efforts.

Generally the bodies that need a detox are trapped in a spiral that is hard to get out of: the lack of energy prevents you from moving enough, the fat stays, you get tired, etc …


OUR DETOX TEA CURE, 100% natural & made in NZ :

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Some detox cures consist of difficult diets (not recommended by doctors), cures of vegetable juice and fresh fruits, good but binding. At The Potion Tree, we offer a DETOX Tea Cure. The liquid drink is the most effective because it goes into the cells very quickly and elimination begins immediately. The detox tea method is safe, gentle and healthy. It is a great help for liver and kidneys to do a good job.

What our kiwi customers appreciate in our tea is that it can be started without dieting. Starting requires a minimum of effort. It helps mentally because day by day it reduces the appetite and the attraction for the bad food. You will be very motivated by the quick results and the effect on your appetite:

the attraction for the bad food disappears, the energy of moving  is back.

The Potion Tree detox tea

The Detox tea cure will make you drink plenty of water for the healthy elimination of toxins. Our kidneys are fantastic waste removers. They get rid of the waste products from protein metabolism — uric acid, urea and lactic acid — but they need lots of water to accomplish this.. and of course, the tea is 100% natural and contains organic herbs, known for their purifying, diuretic and stimulating effect. (learn more about the composition) Our detox teas are healthy and safe, they don’t contain senna which makes a lot of people sick after a few days.

The detox tea cure is meant to stimulate the body to purge toxins by a larger internal workload than the body is used to.

A detox tea cure is NOT a diet or a meal replacement; you still have to eat your regular healthy meals!


You can expect to see weight loss, a reduction in bloating, increased energy levels and an overall feeling of wellness. A detox cure aims to break the spiral, and reset your body… by helping it to eliminate (through the pores of your skin and to the toilet) the waste that your body kept.

This results in new energy, unblocking weight loss, appetite reduced and radiant skin.

A detox is a healthy solution in our modern world, filled with bad food. It is enormously successful around the world, and comes in the form of diet or drinks.


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DETOX through the pores with a DETOX Bath :

a gentle and effective detox method during a cleanse or anytime is a detoxifying bath, and we created the most detoxifying bath salts :

Epsom salts, Dead Sea salts, green tea leaves, precious oils and a synergy of carefully selected essential oils for detoxifying aromatherapy.

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nz detox bath salts dead sea salt epsom natural organic detoxifying skin smooth soft breath relaxing green tea sencha leaves bathtub natural essential oils juniper rosemary lemon avocado argan oil

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Shop our DETOX range, 100% natural, made in NZ :


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      Hello Kerry ! the Detox Teas always have an effect on the bodies that are surcharges with toxins due to fat food, alcohol etc. They will relieve the liver and the kidneys. The consequences can be different depending on people. Most will experience a weight lost, a metabolism boost, a new energy, and this will help to begin a better life style, they act as a springboard. But they are not a diet. You can take them to start your own program and to help you maintaining it.

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