Yasmina Rossi : the secrets of the amazing 63 years old model

There is no age to have a dream body. It seems that this woman has found the secret of an almost eternal youth. Yasmina Rossi embarked on modeling at an age when models usually retire. This sexygenarian poses for a swimsuit brand with his athletic and so well preserved body. 

She was born in France in 1955 and was raised on the island of Corsica

With her beauty as natural as it is singular, Yasmina Rossi embodies natural perfection with her slender figure, her luminous complexion, her beautiful silver-toned hair, her discreet wrinkles.

Yasmina simply advocates a healthy lifestyle that includes an organic diet, a minimum of physical activity and the use of natural oils.

She generously share some of her secrets :

yasmina rossi senior model secret beauty how

Healthy food :

Not a surprise ! We know, at the Potion Tree, how beauty comes from the inside ! Yasmina grew up in Corsica and claims to have always eaten organic since her youth, long before it became trendy. She advocates living in symbiosis with her body and nature and emphasizes the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. She never takes medicines and eats fresh organic products (vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs and fish).

Yasmina doesn’t follow any frustrating diet, doesn’t eat processed foods and swears by the avocado, that she consumes daily for its fiber intake, vitamin B5, vitamin K, copper, folic acid, vitamin B6, potassium, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. The avocado helps reduce the level of cholesterol and abdominal fat.

She doesn’t drink sodas or bottled fruit juice (too much sugars, disguised !) and has stopped drinking alcohol since menopause. Yasmine also has a method of her own to refuel: she adds coconut oil and an egg yolk in her organic black coffee.

“I take oil and use it on my skin. I put rapeseed oil on my hair. I scrub my skin once a week with olive oil and fine sugar, and I eat an avocado a day and organic meat and fish”

Body scrub every week :

The secret of a smooth epidermis ? Yasmina is a fan of natural products, she applies oil to moisturize her skin and exfoliates the body at least once a week with sugar mixed in virgin oil. (We have a fabulous body scrub at The Potion Tree, give it a try and discover a brand new silky skin !)

A minimum of physical activity :

Yasmina doesn’t resort to a sporting activity too rough. She exercises moderately every day, and, favors yoga and walking by the sea. She also makes squats and pumps to display an athletic silhouette.

yasmina rossi senior model secret beauty how

The secret of such thick hair :

A cranial massage with hot grapeseed oil, castor oil, argan oil, rosemary essential oil and mint to activate blood circulation.

This senior model says she has found serenity in the simplest things in life.

She advises all women wishing to age well to be in tune with their body, to preserve what nature has given them, without ever hiding anything. Yasmina tells, by the way, never to have liked her appearance as much as at that age. She feels happier and better in her skin than when she was 20 years old. Here is a good example to follow. Despite the obsessive quest for youth that characterizes our society, Yasmina Rossi says she is not afraid to grow old and prefers to focus on her happiness and that of her loved ones.

Discover Yasmina Rossi in this Diadermine’s video :

Yasmina Rossi is an inspiration for millions of women all over the world – and is the new ambassador of the leading French skin care brand DIADERMINE. In this interview Yasmina talks about the beauty of aging.

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  1. Rachel Magid says:

    Thank you! You are an inspiration. You are a naturally beautiful lady. I am 55 years old and just began Menopause. what is the best way to keep my face healthy looking and prevent it from sagging and improve elasticity naturally. Thank you and God Bless!

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