10 Daily Benefits of Rose Hydrosol

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Since the ancient days, rose hydrosol has been used for its revitalising and antibacterial properties.

The same benefits apply to our daily life today. Ensure not to be deprived of this natural toner.

Rose hydrosol is a liquid that is obtained by distilling rose petals. This is not to be confused with rose essential oil, which is more concentrated.
This essence, with its sensual fragrance, is full of health and beauty benefits.

Rose hydrosol has multiple virtues !

Here are 10 reasons why rose hydrosol is beneficial for you.

1. It is hydrating

Apply to your skin in the morning and evening to ensure your skin is well hydrated.
The rose water will smooth and revitalise your skin. It will enhance a radiant skin complexion that will make you look younger.
Mixed with a little bit of argan oil or sweet almond, this water will become a perfect make-up remover.

2. It fights colds

In the winter, put a few drops of rose water in your tea if you have a cold or the flu, it will help to clear your airways.

3. Rose hydrosol effectively fights wrinkles

Rose water is rich in Vitamins C & E as well as antioxidants. This counteracts the effects of free radicals in the body. For smoother skin, use rose water as a toner on your face.

rose water hydrosol made in NZ new zealand

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4. Rose hydrosol has healing properties

The rose hydrosol in rose water has healing properties that accelerate the healing of small wounds. Where you have a small cut, pour a few drops of rose water on cotton and apply to the wound.
For sensitive skin, acne and oral or skin ulcers, rose water would be an effective, antibacterial solution.

5. Rose hydrosol eliminates puffy eyes

If you wake up each morning with puffy eyes, rose water can work wonders.
Soak cotton in cool rose water and rest it on your eyes. After a few minutes, your eyes will deflate and dark circles will fade.

6. Rose hydrosol nourishes your scalp and hair

Rose water deeply nourishes your scalp to prevent irritation and treat inflammation. This will ensure healthy hair, prevent hair loss and stimulate the blood circulation causing follicles to strengthen.
Add a few drops of rose water to your conditioner to activate the blood circulation and strengthens the hair from the inside

rose water hydrosol made in NZ new zealand

7. Rose hydrosol is an excellent after-sun care

After sun exposure, use rose water to fight the harmful effects of the sun on your skin.
Spray rose water on the exposed areas to sooth and revitalise the skin.

8. Rose hydrosol blend with clay

In preparation of a home-made clay mask, replace tap water with rose water to enjoy the benefits of rose in the mask.

9. Rose hydrosol relieves headaches

Rose water is known for relieving a headache.
In the case of a headache or migraine, soak a compress in rose water and place it on your forehead. You will swiftly feel an improvement.

10. Rose hydrosol is an exquisite relaxing product

The smell and sweetness of rose water is an ideal combination for feeling relaxed.
Spray rose water around your bed before bedtime to feel more relaxed.


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