Himalayan salt ; the best salt for your health

Extracted from salt rock, dating back millions of years in the heart of the Himalayas, [...]

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Epsom salts : 8 benefits on health and skin, a fabulous detox partner

Epsom salts have been considered a powerful asset since ancient times. It has been named [...]

What happens in a Detox Bath ?

Bathing is not just a moment of relaxation. For centuries, many doctors have been interested [...]

Good and bad fats : make the difference

Like many people, you may think that the number one enemy of your weight loss [...]

What is a DETOX and how can it help to lose weight faster

Detox is a short word for detoxification in naturopathy. It’s a program that will deeply [...]


Yasmina Rossi : the secrets of the amazing 63 years old model

Yasmina Rossi proves that there is no age to have a dream body and a [...]


Summer tip : how to prepare an iced tea with your Detox purity tea

Summer is here, with its hot weather, and you have planned to continue your detox [...]

3 ways to prepare your Leïla’s arabic mint tea

Have you purchased our Leïla’s Arabic mint green tea or do you plan to ? > [...]

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Arabic mint tea : tradition and history

The Arabic mint tea, wrongly called “Moroccan tea” is actually a tradition spread throughout North [...]

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Why is Dead Sea salt so special ?

Dead sea salt is not like other salts. Although it is widely known that there [...]

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